Chemical Engineering Graduates 1944 Penn. State College

First Row (left to right) Kenneth Horowitz, Professor Geist, Professor Carnahan, Professor Cryder, Professor Cannon, Francis Marusak. Second Row: Joseph Cannon, Ronald Adams, Henry Myers, David Robinson, Bert Raynes, Albert Lovell, Harold Pebly. Third Row: Torrence Harrison, Reagen Houston, Clifford Bastuscheck, Leeland Lutz, Leighton Riess, Joseph Yarge, Herbert Kay. Fourth Row: George Constantine, Joseph Saxon, Robert Long, Stanley Stief, Wendell Anderson, John McLaren. Missing from picture: Gilbert Barsky and James Bell.

Bert explained: “I had that professor who changed my life, ‘Black Mike’ Cannon. He told everyone who would listen at the time that natural resources are finite. There are natural resources, but there are limits to them. They will not last forever. We should conserve and use the resources wisely. It had a big impact on me.”