Nature Mapping Jackson Hole

Nature Mapping Jackson Hole was begun in 2009 by a group of dedicated volunteers and local biologists under the Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund. In 2011, a cooperative relationship between the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation and the Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund began in order to build on the initial success of the Nature Mapping Jackson Hole program.

Bert’s first column about Nature Mapping in the Jackson Hole News and Guide: Far Afield: Share observations, help valley wildlife, February 18, 2009

A story in Buckrail: Become a trained nature mapper, count loose moose

What do porcupines have to do with love? Bert Raynes – distinguished naturalist, author, retired engineer and Jackson Hole icon – reveals two lifelong love affairs through some prickly observations in this stylistic documentary mash-up by Wyoming Media Lab. (10.5 minutes) Transcript